A is for Ada, Lady and language
is for Ada, Lady and Tongue;
is in APL, legacy language... [SamChevre]
B is for Babbage, making a difference
is for Babbage, who saw quite a difference [Janet Lafler]
is for Babbage, too long unsung [Fragano Ledgister]
C is for Cantor set in his ways
is for counter, most useful tool [Fragano Ledgister]
is for Cray [Jacque]
is for Cray, blinding of speed, [Michael Roberts]
D is for Dunce, elementary fool [Fragano Ledgister]
is for ... da da da need? [Michael Roberts]
is for Dijkstra, who's ever so formal [Jakob]
E is for Eliza, [Michael Roberts]
F is for Fortran, with extensions through V [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
G is for Godel
is for green bar, coolest of paper, [Michael Roberts]
H is for Hopper, COBOL from Grace [Steve C]
is for Hollerith, cards most holey [FennelGiraffe]
is for Hopper, Grace to us all [Jacque]
is for Hopper, the first to debug! [Lee]
Iis where I realize Fragano's legacy code has an off-by one error. [Michael Roberts]
J is for Jobs, Apple of i [Scott Taylor]
K is for Knuth, who someday will finish [Janet Lafler]
is for Alan, who creates the future [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
is for Kernighan, co-builder of C. [Michael Roberts]
L is for L is for Latin, a speech of some worth, [Fragano Ledgister]
M is for McCarthy, who wrote with a LISP [Janet Lafler]
is for Microsoft, owner of Earth. [Fragano Ledgister]
is for Minsky, Perceptron denier, [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
N is for number, a symbol a sign, [Fragano Ledgister]
O is notation, frequently big
O stands for nothing, at least in this line. [Fragano Ledgister]
P is for Pascal, now long forgotten, [Fragano Ledgister]
Q is for Quux, an original hacker [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
is for query most misbegotten. [Fragano Ledgister]
R equals RPG II, of cycle most odd [Linkmeister]
is for Racter, a program most merry; [Fragano Ledgister]
is for regexp, with brain-bending syntax [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
S is for Stroustroup, who added to C [Janet Lafler]
is for Stanford, West Coast of AI [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
T is for Turing, halted forever
is for tuple, container for Linda [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
Uis for Univac, child of Eckert and Mauchly [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers)
Vis for Voronoi, diagrams for neighbors. [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
is for Vista, an OS quite blurry [Linkmeister]
W is for window, a porthole on programs [Bruce Cohen (SpeakerToManagers)]
Xis for X-windows, MIT's brainchild [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]
is for Xerox, a walk in the PARC
Yis for Yourdon, selling snake-oil solutions [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers)
Zis for Zed, used to specify programs [Bruce Cohen (Speaker to Managers) ]